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Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown is your lease return headquarters, no matter where you leased your current Volvo. We will ensure that you have a hassle free experience.  If you are considering a new Volvo lease, we have an incentive package like no other - including complimentary maintenance. So, please call us, or stop in, before your lease matures.

Volvo Lease Return Options

At Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown, we strive to make your lease return is as easy as possible. We hope you were satisfied with the service you received and the Volvo you drove. Upon returning your lease, you have a number of options on how to proceed:

You can buy the car you have been leasing!
You will not need to have your lease inspected. Upon request, Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown will prepare a "Payoff Quote" to obtain the purchase amount of the vehicle. At that point you may choose to provide payment or discuss finance options.

You can lease a new or different Volvo.
Whether you are looking for the newest features or just want to drive a car that is a different color, Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown can provide you a new lease that fits your needs. Prior to the end of your lease, set up an appointment with us to discover our newest models!

You can return your lease to purchase a different Volvo.
Call us to discuss the end of your contract and any new models you are considering. We will be happy to take you for a test drive! Make sure to check our specials page!

Or you can return your lease to us without a new purchase or lease.

Returning Your Lease

As I reach the end of my contract, how will I return my lease?

  1. Contact us to discuss the steps involved when returning your leased vehicle.
  2. Find and bring your Lease Contract.
  3. Find and bring your Vehicle Return Receipt & Odometer Statement
  4. Bring a Vehicle Inspection Report
  5. Make sure you have the Owner's Manual and any maintenance records
  6. All of your leased vehicle's keys!

We hope leasing a Volvo with us has been a pleasant experience. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the return of your lease: (860) 274-180.

Thank you for choosing Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown!

Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown is your lease return headquarters.  Often times, customers are eligible for lease end, or, new lease incentives.  There is a difference.  No matter where you live, please remember to bring your off lease car to Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown. 

Why Should You Lease A New Volvo from Valenti Volvo Cars Watertown?

Take a look at the newest innovations in the current Volvo models we offer.  Many of these cars can be leased at a similar, or lower payment, than you are currently at.